Draw your sailing knowledge!

Using the keyboard and the mouse

You interact with objects by clicking on them with the pointer and either drag them around or access their properties panel, that is displayed when you select an object. Some objects can be rotated, by right-clicking them and dragging the mouse.

Pinching on your trackpad handles the zooming in or out.

esc of course interrupts any activity in progress and delete removes the selected object.

Keys left, right, up and down move the selected object for a little bit, for fine positioning.

Dragging a boat with the mouse

  • If you drag a single boat, only that boat is moving around.
  • If you drag a single boat and hold option, boat positions following the dragged boat also move with the mouse.
  • If you drag a single boat and hold shift, boat direction is also adjusted.
  • If you drag a single boat and hold command, all boat positions are repositioned.
  • If you drag a boat track, all boat positions are affected.

Keyboard shortcuts

Here is a list of some of the most common keyboard shortcuts:

command + N

start a new scenario
command + O open an existing scenario
command + S save current scenario
A toggle animation mode
backspace delete selected object
cursor keys move selected object
+ zoom in
zoom out
F zoom to fit
2 ... 4 zone size
W if there is a Wind, select it


go to previous position
right go to next position
up animate to next position
1 ... 6 slower ... faster animation
space play / pause
S stop, go to starting position

Selected Boat
shift + cursor key

rotate boat
S toggle starboard overlap line
P toggle portside overlap line
B toggle full overlap line
K toggle spinnaker
G toggle gennaker
R toggle rudder display
T toggle track display
0 set direction to head to wind
V toggle boat visibility
Z toggle zone display for RC
option + 0 ... 9 set ladder rungs number
option + + increase size
option + decrease size
space align with closest layline
command + drag move the track
option + drag move the following part of track
Selected Mark
space or Z

toggle zone display
option + + increase mark size
option + decrease mark size

Selected Flag
option + +

increase flag size
option + decrease flag size

Selected Text
option + +

increase text size
option + decrease text size

Selected Arrow
option + +

increase arrow width
option + decrease arrow width

Selected Line

toggle smooth line
C toggle closed line
B toggle filled shape
command + drag move the line
option + + increase line width
option + decrease line width

Selected Wind

set wind direction to 0° for selected step
space clear wind direction for selected step
shift + clear entry clear wind direction for all steps
shift + remove entry reset wind, remove all entries