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Install Sail Replay


  • First of all, this is a Mac app. It does not work on Windows, Ubuntu, iPhone, iPad or any other operating system or device.
  • Sail Replay requires macOS 10.13 or newer (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina or BigSur).
  • If you want to run it on older macOS versions, please use version 1.05.

Application installation

Obviously, you need to download the app, open the DMG file and drag it to your Applications folder.

Once you run it, you might be presented with a Security warning such as:

Cannot open Sail Replay

For more information check the Apple Support documentation or follow these short instructions:

Sail replay.app is not digitally signed as required by Apple, because I do not possess a costly certificate. When running it for the first time, you will usually be warned because the developer identity cannot be verified.

Fear not. Cancel this warning and open System Preferences:

Cannot open Sail Replay

Open the Security & Privacy panel and allow Sail Replay to be opened:

Cannot open Sail Replay

After confirming it by entering your password or using a TouchID, click on the Open button.

Cannot open Sail Replay

This process needs to be done only once for every new Sail Replay version.

Installing the license

Receiving the license

If you request a trial license or you buy a full license it will be sent to your PayPal email address immediately. If it takes more that 5 minutes, please check your spam folders, just to make sure. On rare occasions, when the email actually gets lost, please contact us.

License installation

License will be sent to you as an email attachment. Double-click it and Sail Replay should know what to do. There is no need to store the license on your disk, except for your own backup. 

If for some reason this doesn't do it, save the license file on your hard drive, run Sail Replay and follow the next steps:

  1. open the Preferences window,
  2. go to the License panel,
  3. click on the Load a license button,
  4. find and select the license file.

If the license is succesfully loaded, you will see the license details in the panel. At this time you can also delete the license file from the hard drive, if you so wish.

"How do I know if a license is loaded?"

First clue that you do not have a license installed is the watermark "Sail Replay - https://sailreplay.com" in the top-right corner.

Other than this, see previous point and check for license details.

"I lost my license"

If you can't find your license in the email archives or anywhere else, let us know and we'll send you a copy.

"Can I use my license from the other computer?"

If it is your license, then yes. You do not need new licenses for other computer you are using, as long as you are the license owner.

Application updates

Each time you run Sail Replay, it automatically checks for updates. The application will notify you of any updates, unless you disable the update feature manually. Check the Updates panel in Preferences once you run the application. If the update feature is enabled, the application will automatically update upon your confirmation.

In any case you can check this website for the latest release and update Sail Replay manually.